Property Management for Homeowners and Investors



Owners who have signed property management agreements with Walter Jolley Properties, Inc. will receive these services:

  1. Regularly-scheduled inspections of the property twice each month when premises are vacant to assure security and to remove newspapers, flyers, etc. from property.  (This latter service may be provided more frequently when manager is in the near proximity for other inspections.)
  2. Careful monitoring of maintenance services such as yardwork, painting, general cleaning and other necessary repairs to keep property in desired condition between leases or during scheduled vacancies.  Maintenance services are secured through approved contractors charging reasonable rates or those pre-determined by the owner.  Payment for those services is made by WJPI with owner-provided funds.
  3. Payment of invoices, fees, taxes, insurance premiums, mortgage amounts, and related charges involved with the normal operation of the property will be made by WJPI with funds provided by the owner.
  4. A monthly statement of activity will be mailed to the owner to summarize income and expenses.  A year-end recap will also be supplied for those owners needing such information for tax purposes.
  5. For those owners utilizing their property as an income-producing entity, WJPI will secure tenants for occupancy as the property becomes vacant.  WJPI will run a credit evaluation of prospective tenants to assure that the property will be occupied by qualified individuals who will continue to protect the owner’s investment.
  6. When the property is leased, WJPI will obtain security deposits and advance rental payments as required and will hold those deposits in escrow during the term of the lease.  Rent will be collected each month and deposited in the owner’s escrow account from which funds will be disbursed as previously agreed.  Penalties for late rent or unhonored checks will also be assessed and collected.  (The fee for leasing the property will be a commission equal to one month’s rent for a 12-month lease and pro-rated accordingly for longer or shorter lease periods.  This commission is due and payable to WJPI upon acceptance of initial deposits and rental payments from a new tenant.)
  7. In the event that eviction or other forceful actions are required to remove a tenant or to remedy an undesirable situation at a property, WJPI will follow a prudent course through legal channels to secure the best interest of the owner and will act as the owner’s agent in all legal cases.  (Legal costs, if necessary, will be provided by the owner after a full disclosure of the situation has been made to the owner by the property manager.)
  8. Should a natural disaster or catastrophe occur in which property damage is incurred, WJPI will take immediate and necessary actions to secure the property against further loss where possible.  The property manager will contact the agencies required to repair any such damage and will handle the communications flow for insurance claims and related funding.
  9. In every aspect of their property management operation, Walter Jolley Properties, Inc. will provide the quality of service and attention to detail that have been the benchmarks by which all other real estate firms are measured in this community.  That striving for continued excellence will be conspicuous in the service provided to our owners.